I love printing. Screenprinting. Blockprinting. Etching. Potato printing. Whatever. If it involves ink and something to put the ink down with, I love it. I don’t do enough of it and I’m hoping (begging, praying, rain-dancing, holding my breath, everything short of reading “THE SECRET!”) to make it happen soon. We have a huge basement that’s mostly filled with junk but there is ample space for a terrific screenprinting studio. I have 99% of it already done…for real. I can’t seem to get the last 1% done but one of the brothers is arriving in less than two weeks and, since he helped build the darkroom, wants to see a return on his investment. 

In the meantime, I did a little block print for the holidays and then printed it on anything I could find that would accept ink. I put the box on etsy and will use the envelopes for all the gift cards I will give out this year (sorry to ruin the surprise). 

Merry Christmas, all.