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I love to name things – Christmas trees, cars, plants, animals – but not anything of my own.

I am taking a leap this Fall. I am going to start – FOR REAL – making and trying to get an audience for all sorts of art and craft-related things that float around in my head but never see the light of day.

So I need a name. What should I call this venture? I welcome any ideas and thoughts and suggestions. The name I’m mulling over is “Beehive Crafted.” I love bees and their unwavering industriousness. Someone opined that this is a forgettable name (JERK) and someone else said it might be “too cutesy” (DOUBLE JERK) for the things I make. So…back to square one? Or not.

The first step in my giant leap was to apply to vend my wares at Handmade Arcade. I’ve done this show in years’ past at the L2 Design Collective table and I love every second of it. It draws a huge, selective crowd with great taste and to be accepted to exhibit is a pretty big deal. Fingers crossed.

I’ll be posting more in the coming weeks about the products I’ll be making. Of course I will feature my Love Letter to Pittsburgh series of prints on wood (along with bees, chickens, etc). But there will be other new things in the works. Standby.

And do let me know if you come up with anything magical.




**UPDATE: My dear, sweet, best big brother pointed out that by calling people JERK and DOUBLE JERK for giving feedback might dissuade others from offering their thoughts. He’s so right. He’s always right about everything.


I have started my second love letter to Pittsburgh. (The first love letter was a project for Wendell August Forge and I’ll certainly shout from the rooftops when it’s complete.)

It is no secret that I am in love with this place. I love most everything about it and I think it’s absolutely gorgeous and, more importantly, filled with some of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

So I’ve had this idea flitting around in my head ever since I was lucky enough to have an exhibit at Wildcard (awesome shop if you haven’t been there – and if you have, you know of what I speak!) and since I’m an ace procrastinator it’s taken me this long to get on it. But I did get on it. Today. And I think I’ll even have a few pieces done in time for Handmade Arcade this weekend. Stop by the L2 Design Collective table and say hello, will you?






The chicks should be arriving next week and we’re so excited to see the wee things. Fingers crossed that they arrive safely. We’re busy prepping for their arrival and also planning the large outdoor “Chicken CUBE” that we’re building. We have pretty much decided to build a fully enclosed space and then site the coop – and all other hen-related things – inside the cube.

First we have to relocate the castle:


Then try to build something a lot like this:

Then put this little guy into the “CUBE”


(and finish staining the deck and rebuild the retaining wall and stack the firewood and and and)

This past weekend we took a quick trip to Chadds Ford, PA and spent a few hours roaming around Terrain at Styer’s in absolute awe of it all. I know where I want to be buried. Hope the fine folks at Terrain won’t mind. Every square inch was inspiring. Maybe we will face one side of the CUBE in funnels?


More on Terrain later. Headed to the incredible Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.


I dare you.

You won’t regret it.

I have Fall Fever and a few commissions (which, I believe I have mentioned before, I LOVE) and so I’ve been busy printing. I have managed to finish a few new “box” pieces and I just put them in my Etsy Shop. Thanks for looking!

We’ve been snowed in around here and I have used a bit of the time to get back up to my studio and make some new pieces. I have one done and one in the works.

I have heard people say that collage “isn’t really art” – I think I don’t care what they say. I love it and always have.


I love this week’s topic. I am drawn to old things that show their history. You can’t fake age as gorgeous as the frayed edges of this book cover.

KFox_Book cover#2

Check out all of the other submissions here.

Got the burst of Spring Fever energy I needed and I started two new pieces this past week. I have the ink work done and now I’m just mulling over colors. I got so lucky this week, too. A “customer” bought SEVEN pieces from etsy! “Customer” sounds so lame. I consider this person a friend now. I might invite her to my kid’s third birthday party, I like her so much. Anyhow, as great as it is to sell seven pieces (I still can’t believe it) it certainly cleans me out and make my etsy and supermarket storefronts look especially bare. Thank God for the burst of energy…

Here’s a quick snap from the phone camera. I have to admit that I quite like the quality (or non-quality) of the phone pics. 


I hope to have them painted and varnished and posted by the end of the week.

and I like it. No, I love it. Every year I wonder, do I love Spring or Fall better? I think the winner is Fall but I am in love with Spring right now. Everything is a riot of life. Life finds a way, no matter what. The frozen ground still begets tiny, bright green shoots that will eventually be amazing, strong things that take over our yard. Unreal.

I’m feeling excited to make some new pieces and I have stacks of bare boxes and piles of scraps and bits of things to make make make. I am currently working on a series of alphabet cards for a new product for L2 – stay tuned for more details on that. We’re heading to NYC in May for the National Stationery Show so now begins the flurry of pre-show activity for us.

Here are some pics in honor of Spring and honeybees and hopefulness.

yellow beehive

yellow beehive


stack of birds and bees pieces

stack of birds and bees pieces




wall of ideas and inspiration

wall of ideas and inspiration

I am so stoked to report that I coated my first screens in my rinky-dink, basement darkroom this afternoon. The boy is asleep and it’s snowing and the time seemed right to mix up the photo-emulsion and get to it. Hopefully this portends an avalanche of inspiration and printing!

The darkroom table with emulsion bucket and scoop coater, complete with Winnie the Pooh/Eeyore lamp.

The darkroom table with emulsion bucket and scoop coater, complete with Winnie the Pooh/Eeyore lamp.

Winnie the Pooh lamp with bug light. You use what you can...

Winnie the Pooh lamp with bug light. You use what you can...

A great friend came by today with her girl and a box of cinnamon rolls. We spent a couple of hours watching the kids try each other on for size. She asked me to do an assemblage piece for her brother’s 40th birthday. It is so great to be asked to create something “for the man who has everything.” Thank you for your support!

Off to enjoy the snow.

My boy on a bridge.

My boy on a bridge.