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I have started my second love letter to Pittsburgh. (The first love letter was a project for Wendell August Forge and I’ll certainly shout from the rooftops when it’s complete.)

It is no secret that I am in love with this place. I love most everything about it and I think it’s absolutely gorgeous and, more importantly, filled with some of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

So I’ve had this idea flitting around in my head ever since I was lucky enough to have an exhibit at Wildcard (awesome shop if you haven’t been there – and if you have, you know of what I speak!) and since I’m an ace procrastinator it’s taken me this long to get on it. But I did get on it. Today. And I think I’ll even have a few pieces done in time for Handmade Arcade this weekend. Stop by the L2 Design Collective table and say hello, will you?







I probably shouldn’t be jinxing myself like this. In fact, I think I’ll shut it and just put up a little snippet of a new project that is in the works. When it’s all said and done, I will be happy to report back on it.

I’m carving and inking and printing and I love it so much.

Here’s a rough version of one of the guys.

Happy Wednesday, all!


Opening Friday, NOV 19, 2010

I am busy busy busy getting ready for my upcoming show at Wildcard in Lawrenceville. I am collaging and sanding boxes and burning screens and mixing ink and printing and repeating. And repeating. And repeating. I am so thankful to Rebecca and Brian for giving me this opportunity.

Now, back to work.

More details and photos (maybe NOT from my phone?) to come. Until then…

Last week my friend, Ryan, posted some phone pictures that his cool wife has been taking around the house. One of the pictures included a bag that I made for their adorable daughter, Tessa Tangerine.

Wait, you probably already know this which is why you’re here in the first place. I know this because you are not related to me and you’re reading my blog and that only happens when Ryan posts something that includes my name.

So I won’t waste your time. You know Ryan. You know Cole. You know LB. You know Tessa. Enough said.

I am very touched that my bag made it into the Panic Family Photo Archives and that a few of you have reached out to me to make bags for your sweet spring-offs or spring-offs-of-friends.

Long story short: I would LOVE to make bags for each and every one of you (that want one).

Shoot me an email foxbury at mac dot com and let’s work it out. I’m easy. A small sampling of bags that I’ve made in the past.

I have Fall Fever and a few commissions (which, I believe I have mentioned before, I LOVE) and so I’ve been busy printing. I have managed to finish a few new “box” pieces and I just put them in my Etsy Shop. Thanks for looking!

tractor2Have I mentioned that I love printing? I think I have. A friend liked the tractor art I did for the Fresh Fridays at the Northside Farmers Market and asked me to do something for her son. My practical nature makes me love an assignment so I tried printing the art on a wooden “box” frame. Not to toot my own horn but I love the way it turned out. It makes me excited to print more things directly onto wood. Maybe collage the background and overprint an image? We’ll see. I’m supposed to be packing for the big move in about six weeks. In the meantime, a quick shot of the tractor print on wood. If I can steal some time I plan to print a couple more for my etsy and supermarket stores.