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A blog I love, My Owl Barn, is graciously hosting a giveaway of my Halloween Tray from Wendell August Forge. Head on over to the site and take part today – you could get lucky!



I love to name things – Christmas trees, cars, plants, animals – but not anything of my own.

I am taking a leap this Fall. I am going to start – FOR REAL – making and trying to get an audience for all sorts of art and craft-related things that float around in my head but never see the light of day.

So I need a name. What should I call this venture? I welcome any ideas and thoughts and suggestions. The name I’m mulling over is “Beehive Crafted.” I love bees and their unwavering industriousness. Someone opined that this is a forgettable name (JERK) and someone else said it might be “too cutesy” (DOUBLE JERK) for the things I make. So…back to square one? Or not.

The first step in my giant leap was to apply to vend my wares at Handmade Arcade. I’ve done this show in years’ past at the L2 Design Collective table and I love every second of it. It draws a huge, selective crowd with great taste and to be accepted to exhibit is a pretty big deal. Fingers crossed.

I’ll be posting more in the coming weeks about the products I’ll be making. Of course I will feature my Love Letter to Pittsburgh series of prints on wood (along with bees, chickens, etc). But there will be other new things in the works. Standby.

And do let me know if you come up with anything magical.




**UPDATE: My dear, sweet, best big brother pointed out that by calling people JERK and DOUBLE JERK for giving feedback might dissuade others from offering their thoughts. He’s so right. He’s always right about everything.

I dare you.

You won’t regret it.

I finally have my first working rainwater collection barrel. I took a class on this years ago but it took until now to finally take all the steps to make it happen. I love my funky barrel. I had planned to set one up and see how this Spring season goes and how much water I collect. But then we had a fairly rainy weekend (and I wasn’t ready) and I was collecting watering cans and then dumping them on a new baby Dogwood tree. I went through at least five gallons in the watering cans. This olive barrel holds 55 gallons. I think I may have to go ahead and set up the second olive barrel for overflow.

If you’re interested in some tips, start with this video and then find a really helpful dude (or lady!) in the plumbing department of your hardware store and ask some questions. I paid $15 for the barrel and about $20 for the rest of the supplies – hose bib, silicone, washers, adapter plug and mesh screen. So worth it!!!

A long time ago I did this woodcut of a sunflower and I’ve used it a few times on cards and mixed media pieces. Summer is just starting to arrive here in southwestern PA and I got the itch to print up some tote bags for beach trips. I started out simple with three bag options and one ink option but I’ll certainly do more (especially if the orders start flooding my inbox as they surely will) in the next couple of days/weeks. I can’t say enough how happy mixing up ink and pulling prints makes me. Totes available here and here if you’re interested!



This is my first submission to Illustration Friday. I’ve been watching for a few weeks and today figured I should get involved. This week’s topic is “celebrate” and this illustration was part of the series for the book, Beatrice’s Birthmark. Congratulations are in order to Penelope on the birth of her new baby.

senorita copy

I’m going through some old pictures on the hunt for something specific. I found this and miss it. I do actually get sad when I sell a piece. I don’t make enough to get sick of any of it so when it’s gone, I feel the loss. I then wonder if I’ll be able to make something to take its place. I love making collages and need to do more of it. That’s the bottom line. Get back to work, missy.


I love printing. Screenprinting. Blockprinting. Etching. Potato printing. Whatever. If it involves ink and something to put the ink down with, I love it. I don’t do enough of it and I’m hoping (begging, praying, rain-dancing, holding my breath, everything short of reading “THE SECRET!”) to make it happen soon. We have a huge basement that’s mostly filled with junk but there is ample space for a terrific screenprinting studio. I have 99% of it already done…for real. I can’t seem to get the last 1% done but one of the brothers is arriving in less than two weeks and, since he helped build the darkroom, wants to see a return on his investment. 

In the meantime, I did a little block print for the holidays and then printed it on anything I could find that would accept ink. I put the box on etsy and will use the envelopes for all the gift cards I will give out this year (sorry to ruin the surprise). 

Merry Christmas, all.