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This is it – tomorrow is the big day. It’s time for another Handmade Arcade and I can’t wait. Hours and hours of meeting new people and being surrounded by so much handmade awesome. I’ll be at the L2 Design Collective booth showcasing our holiday cards and banners, totes and gift tags and whatever else we happen to make today (this morning I’ve just put the last coat of varnish on these little test print boxes, for instance).

Stop on by (and I wouldn’t be too too upset if you brought a cup of hot chocolate with you) and say hey.

And here’s one more little idea – this Christmas when you’re thinking of how to spend your money, think handmade.


As I type it’s so blustery and dreary outside. Exactly my kind of day. In honor of the weather and the holidays, I did a piece today. If you know me you know that I am kid-crazy about Christmas. I still like to sleep under the tree when I can. I’m certainly going to be one of those cat ladies that puts her tree up after Halloween and takes it down sometime in April. 

The Perfect Tree










Anyhow – thanks to everyone who is checking out the etsy site and a big kiss to those of you who have bought pieces. Happy Holidays, all.