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We’ve been snowed in around here and I have used a bit of the time to get back up to my studio and make some new pieces. I have one done and one in the works.

I have heard people say that collage “isn’t really art” – I think I don’t care what they say. I love it and always have.



I love this week’s topic. I am drawn to old things that show their history. You can’t fake age as gorgeous as the frayed edges of this book cover.

KFox_Book cover#2

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I’m going through some old pictures on the hunt for something specific. I found this and miss it. I do actually get sad when I sell a piece. I don’t make enough to get sick of any of it so when it’s gone, I feel the loss. I then wonder if I’ll be able to make something to take its place. I love making collages and need to do more of it. That’s the bottom line. Get back to work, missy.


I think Fall is a terrific time to start anew. I am going to attempt to gather all my thoughts (and paintings and boxes and collages and everything else) into one little space so I can keep track and hopefully share it with you. Thanks, in advance, to every person who has asked for updates and new work. Let’s see how this goes, shall we?

collage with paper and pattern and staples and ink

Traveling Bird