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Every once in awhile I get ¬†good night’s sleep and I get to wake up early with the boy and it’s heavenly in the morning. We’ve been having unseasonably cool weather this summer so it’s actually chilly this morning. Jeans, sweater, coffee, etc. We’re up on our third floor watching some Thomas. The windows are open and the birds are singing. I love moments like this.¬†

It’s about to get super crazy around here. We sold our hulking, Victorian rowhouse in the city and we’re eyeing a 1910 red brick in a small town. The next few months (and years!) promise hours and hours of sorting, cleaning, packing, dumpster filling, sanding, painting, tiling, etc. What are we getting ourselves into? We just finished five years of all of the above. I can whip myself into a panicked frenzy in no time.

But for now we will just sit and listen to the birds and the persnickety British trains and enjoy this morning.