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I finally have my first working rainwater collection barrel. I took a class on this years ago but it took until now to finally take all the steps to make it happen. I love my funky barrel. I had planned to set one up and see how this Spring season goes and how much water I collect. But then we had a fairly rainy weekend (and I wasn’t ready) and I was collecting watering cans and then dumping them on a new baby Dogwood tree. I went through at least five gallons in the watering cans. This olive barrel holds 55 gallons. I think I may have to go ahead and set up the second olive barrel for overflow.

If you’re interested in some tips, start with this video and then find a really helpful dude (or lady!) in the plumbing department of your hardware store and ask some questions. I paid $15 for the barrel and about $20 for the rest of the supplies – hose bib, silicone, washers, adapter plug and mesh screen. So worth it!!!