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It is a slow process, this current renovation. If I’m being honest with myself I will admit that we’ll never actually be “done” and that’s fine. What would we do with ourselves if we finished? Start over somewhere else, I guess. And I’m not remotely interested in moving again so I plan to draw out this renovation for our eternity. Today happens to be a gorgeous one so I thought it was high time to show a before + after of what we’ve done to the back of the manse.

Way back in the olden days:


Step one was to remove the crazy arborvitae that was glomming onto the house.Image

Step two: blow a big hole in the back of the house.


Step Three: Have Bradley and Bradley Jr from Decks Decks Decks come out and work their magic.


Step Four: make a margarita and then another and then another.

And just like that (2.5 years later) we have a great space to live in and hang out and watch the hens doing their thing in the yard below.


Happy Spring!


When I started this thing my husband said “just don’t let it become an orphan.” And then I did just that. To my credit, in the past six weeks we packed our whole house up and moved to a new fixer-upper and then tore out some carpet, removed some walls, pulled out 4356 nails, get the floors redone, had plasterers camped out for three days, balanced buckets all around the basement to catch the surprise leaks, met some new neighbors, applied for permits, got bids and everything under the sun and played a lot of trains with the boy.

So, I’ve been too busy to paint or draw or print or make any art. And certainly no time to take pictures of it and throw it up here for six people to see! I do miss it. I am so guilty of looking at other peoples’ work and being green with envy – not necessarily at their image making or talent or anything – just jealous of the fact that they made the time and DID IT. I need to get back on the horse. I’m too good at making excuses. I need a deadline.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of what life looks like at Camp Foxbury.

am gothicentrystiltsdinig room

So I mentioned that we’re selling our house and eyeing another fixer upper (WHAT are we thinking!?) and a friend suggested that we capture the process on film (but not really film – just little digital blips of zeroes and ones that magically turn themselves into photos that people can see on their computers a million miles away – yeah, that). So I’m thinking about it and I wonder if I can be that organized. I tend to jump into a project and a third of the way through realize that we’re completing a total transformation and should have really snapped one simple “before” shot.

Still thinking about it.

Once we’re slightly further along in the process of buying this place I will post some of the MLS listing photos which will suffice as “before” shots. And in honor of this undertaking, and because I’m ambivalent about leaving the place we’re in now and have called home longer than any other place, I will post a couple of before/afters to tide us over.





More to come.