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Last week my friend, Ryan, posted some phone pictures that his cool wife has been taking around the house. One of the pictures included a bag that I made for their adorable daughter, Tessa Tangerine.

Wait, you probably already know this which is why you’re here in the first place. I know this because you are not related to me and you’re reading my blog and that only happens when Ryan posts something that includes my name.

So I won’t waste your time. You know Ryan. You know Cole. You know LB. You know Tessa. Enough said.

I am very touched that my bag made it into the Panic Family Photo Archives and that a few of you have reached out to me to make bags for your sweet spring-offs or spring-offs-of-friends.

Long story short: I would LOVE to make bags for each and every one of you (that want one).

Shoot me an email foxbury at mac dot com and let’s work it out. I’m easy. A small sampling of bags that I’ve made in the past.


A long time ago I did this woodcut of a sunflower and I’ve used it a few times on cards and mixed media pieces. Summer is just starting to arrive here in southwestern PA and I got the itch to print up some tote bags for beach trips. I started out simple with three bag options and one ink option but I’ll certainly do more (especially if the orders start flooding my inbox as they surely will) in the next couple of days/weeks. I can’t say enough how happy mixing up ink and pulling prints makes me. Totes available here¬†and here if you’re interested!